We’ve come to the conclusion of this workshop.

To recap what we’ve learnt:

  • syntactic sugar: template string, destructuring, spread operator, and arrow function
  • new JS features: block scope declaration, Array methods, ES modules
  • advanced fundamentals: closure, functional programming

What’s Missing

There are some topics that I think is important to grasp when programming in React, but not able to cover in this workshop:

  1. Asynchronous Programming: callback, Promise, and async/await. I think the topic is too wide to cover, and thus it’s placed under “Extra” for this workshop.
  2. Frontend Tooling: npm, webpack, babel. Those are important knowledges when you programming in React because unlike Angular, React is unopinionated on tooling and you would likely need to tweaks them for your specific use case/workflow. I’ve covered them in my Intro to React workshop, you can have a read there, or join React KL meetup for future session.