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This workshop is “A Complete Introduction to React JS”, which will introduces you the core of React and the tools around React.

This Workshop will Cover:

  • Core API of React
  • common tools that people use in conjunction with React and their purpose
  • common use cases when using React JS e.g. making api call, routing, testing, code splitting

This Workshop will NOT Cover:

  • Basics of HTML, CSS, & Javascript
  • Advanced React Patterns e.g. Higher Order Components and Render Props
  • Redux
  • Typescript/Flow
  • React hook feature

Format of this Workshop

  • do it without tools
  • feel the pain
  • introduce tooling and learn to use it

What is Expected of You

  • Do the coding exercise
  • Ask questions
  • Help others
  • Report issue (using the red icon at the top right of the page)

Why Learn React

  • It trains you to be a good JS developer - learn functional programming and JS standards
  • It is popular - good job prospect! :moneybag:

My Goal for this Workshop

I believe that being productive in React requires more than familiar with React API, you also need to know the tooling around React and the value they bring, so you know when to use and modify them.

My hope is that at the end of this workshop,

  • you understand when to use the modern frontend development tools, regardless if you’re using React, JQuery, or Vue.
  • you have sufficient understandings of React and the ecosystem around it that you know what to search for when you encounters a problem