We have come to the conclusion of this workshop.


What we’ve learnt:

  • Start a new React project with Create React App
  • How to organize your JS code with module system
  • Declare React components with JSX
  • Extracting and composing React components
  • Declare state with React.useState hook
  • Make side effects e.g. ajax call with React.useEffect hook
  • Extracting hooks to custom hooks
  • Implement a form in React
  • Share states between React components
  • Write unit tests for React components
  • Code splitting using dynamic import(), React.lazy and React.Suspense

Next Step

  • Read React docs. The core API of React is pretty small now, you can finish the whole docs in one-go.
  • If you prefer video, there is a free course by Kent C. Dodds. I never go though this course myself, but I learnt from the instructor via other course, and he is a good teacher.
  • If you like to read, there is a curated list of resources at this repo. There are too many articles to read there (I never finished them myself), just browse through the list and read what interest you.
  • If you want to ask question, reactiflux is a good place as there are many helpful people there. It’s actually React community that hang out on Discord (a messenger app like Telegram). I hang out there sometimes too.