May 1, 2018

My first Meetup

Last week, I have hosted my first Meetup. Even though only one attendee show up, but in overall the experience is quite good.

It sounds a bit crazy that I never join any Meetup as an attendee and straightaway become a host, but that is just because I could not find any active Meetup on Javascript that is active, and I am desperate to join one.

I used to hope that I can maximize the working time of my job in doing something productive instead of socializing and talking to people. However, after 5 months in my current job where I can really focus my time on writing and producing code, I realize I do need to talk to people. Especially after moving close to office, I am currently living alone without friends around me. I feel lonely and depressed. :(

By starting a Meetup, I hope that I can meet with someone that has experience in JS or at least interested to learn in deep. I can discuss my new learnt subjects and difficulties with former while the latter can become my student of tech talk. Both are good to motivate me in learning while giving me chance to talk to people.

Now back to the Meetup. There are 5 people RSVP’ed that they will attend, but end up most of them just no-show at the end. The only guy that show-up is a Melaka MMU student, who is currently studying law, and he is not really interested to going deep into JS, but just want to have some brief introduction, and more imporantly, he seldom come back to KL. Sigh.

Anyway, we just have some chit-chat. We talked about startups in Malaysia, React Native, ReactJS, Progressive Web App, etc. He is very curious with a lot subjects, which feel like a younger version of me.

At the end, he also recommend me to a group in Cyberjaya, DevCon community. They seems like organizing tech talks and quite active. Perhaps I should just join them instead of hosting my own.

Around 5pm, he leaves.

And that is the end of my first Meetup.

If you’re a ReactJS developer or interested to learn React, come join my Meetup group.

Thanks for reading!

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