May 1, 2020

Live Streaming

For about a year, I’ve been attending tech meetup frequently, sometimes few times a month.

And this COVID-19 stops all of them.

Even though it’s a responsible thing to enforce the lockdown, it’s kinda sucks.

I’ve been thinking of moving the tech meetup that I co-organize online, but never really doing it because required tools seems overwhelming.

Fortunately, Chee Leong (a senior tech guy) has recommended a tool that he use, Streamyard.

The great thing about Streamyard is there is no additional software that you need to install. You just need to visit their site, and you can just use the site to stream.

Few days after his recommendation, I’ve streamed my first sharing, Redux to React Query.

My feeling after the first live streaming is that, even though I can reach more people with it, I kinda dislike the experience compared to live event as I’m talking to myself without instant response from audience.

However, since I’ve prepared some materials on testing that are currently currently useless due to COVID-19, I decided to proceed on and plan a series of webcasts which I will go through them.

The first webcast of the series, Automated Testing: Benefits and Costs attracts quite some new faces that never attend the meetup. My feeling towards live streaming changes after this webcast as I realize I can actually get much more questions from audience, probably because asking in the channel chatbox is much less intimidating than asking in public.

Now that I’m hooked, I probably will stream more contents online, especially when we won’t have live event in the near future.

Thanks for reading!

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