Sep 12, 2019

Comfort Zone

We know going beyond comfort zone helps us grow.

But what is a comfort zone?

A comfort zone usually means the area where you feel comfortable.

And you feel comfortable because you feel safe and confident.

Repeat what you had did yesterday.

Do what you know you can do easily.

But your current comfort zone used to be making you uncomfortable.

Your first coding project.

Your first professional presentation.

As you gain experience, you get more confidence, you feel safe when doing them.

You expand your comfort zone to include them.

And this is where the common trap is.

You may get confused by associating a particular activity with “going beyond my comfort zone”, keep doing it, thinking it will helps you grow.

You used to learn by copying someone’s code and tweak it. Now you copy someone else’s code.

You used to prepare your presentation by following a template. Now you use another template.

But the growth never come.

Because you are in your comfort zone.

It’s time to stop repeating the same exercise by switching example.

It’s time to up the challenge.

It’s time to do things that scares you.

It might not work, but that’s the point.

Thanks for reading!

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