Most web applications are just CRUD applications that fetch data and display them. As a result, to be an effective web developer is to be proficient at moving and transforming data.

This series of practices aims to train you on data wrangling, so you can be a better web developer.


We’ll starts with practices on transforming arrays, as that’s the most common data structure that you’ll encounter with in web applications. In first part, we’ll only use for loop, so you’re familiar with how the transformation works with minimal abstraction. Once you’re familiar with them, in second part we’ll use Array methods to do the same thing, but with a functional spin on it. We’ll briefly discuss what’s the pros and cons of using Array methods compared to for loop, so you know when to use one over another.

In third parts, we’ll go through practices to transform array to data structures that are more suitable for the tasks that you want to accomplish.