Aggregation in MongoDB works like Unix pipeline, one stage will pass to next stage.


$match works just like .find


$project is used to select a subset of the field, 0 means exclude and 1 means include.

We can map value using the syntax:

{$project: {
"newFieldName": "$firstLevel.second_level"
{$project: {
"newFieldName": "$firstLevel.second_level"

Metaphorically, $project is like


Split single documents into multiple based on a specific field with array.

Array expression

  • use $filter to filter items in an array as part of $project operation.
  • use $arrayElemAt to get item at specific index. (negative to get from end)
  • use $slice to get subset by index
  • use $size operator to get array length


Accumulator examples:

  • $sum
  • $avg
  • $first
  • $last
  • $max
  • $min
  • $mergeObjects
  • $push
  • $addToSet

We can use accumulator in group phase or project phase. When use in project phase, the accumulator can only be applied to array field.

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