Common mistakes

1. Relying too heavily on word-of-mouth

The problems:

  1. it is passive
  2. it is limiting
  3. it is risky. As it could be resulted in working with single client.

2. Wasting money on advertising

  1. Tends to attract smaller businesses who primarily choose based on price.
  2. There is no relationship, as you’re just another supplier.

3. Content marketing

The problems:

  1. Too much noise now
  2. Gone and forgotten
  3. Takes time

Email offers the answer.

  1. B2B lives in email
  2. You will be seen
  3. You will be read.

A sales funnel

A sales funnel is the journey of moving potential clients to projects

  1. attract attention
  2. build a connection
  3. keep engaging
  4. encourage contact
  5. close a sale

Sales funnel is

  1. targeted
  2. consistent
  3. controllable

Minimal Viable Audience

  1. Boost your voice