Jun 25, 2022

Starting a New Blog (Again)

It’s been a while that I write.

However, I do feel that I need to start writing more.

I’ve spending too much time on MPG discord, giving one-off advice that is gone forever.

It feels like a pointless activity, doing it more as a distraction than a productive endeavor.

So I think, maybe I should write in my blog, but that blog is a bit outdated in terms of the tech it’s running on and it’s PITA to upgrade the libraries (mainly due to GatsbyJS).

I kept hanging out in the discord server, wasting few months of time.

Today I finally decide to don’t care about that.

Screw it, let me just pick a random template and deploy it and start writing, as tech is not really important.

I started to think on frontend frameworks, should I use React which I very familiar with or another framework like Vue so I can use this opportunity to learn them? I ponder the question a bit, then get distracted when I “accidentally” open Twitter, and then feel slightly tired and lie on bed and doom scrolling for 15 minutes.

When senses finally come to me, I think, screw learning new tech, I just want to start writing. So let me choose React.

Then the next question is, which flavour of React? NextJS? Remix? Vite? Remix sounds cool. So I try create a new project using npx create-remix and spending half an hour trying to learn about Remix (which is like my 3rd time trying use it to create a blog site), and finally abandon the idea as it discourages you to write posts in markdown.

Then I switch to Astro because I am kinda give up now as I fed up with myself wasting so much time just to choose the framework for my personal blog, so don’t ask me to give you more reasons.

Now while writing this, I have to keep restraining myself from tweaking this website layout/color etc, and force myself to publish this first.

At this point I am beyond frustrated and slightly amused by this entire process. If as a programmer it is such an analysis-paralysing process, I wonder how it feels like to be a fashion designer choosing your clothes, or a wedding planner planning your wedding.

Anyway, and this point I’m glad that I finally finish this post, so I have somewhere to write something from now on.

Thank you for reading this pointless post.

Thanks for reading!

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