Aug 20, 2018

My First Tech Talk: Render Props & Higher Order Components

Last Thursday (16-Aug), I had given a tech talk on React patterns in a local meetup hosted by Suria Labs.

As it’s my first ever tech talk, I would like to write down some notes for any new tech talk speaker and my future-self.

Brainstorming Topics

There are few types of tech talks:

  • Explanation of a concept
  • How to use a tool
  • Technical magician (showcase some cool stuff that you’ve built)

In my case, there is no cool stuffs that I can show, thus I eliminate that option. I was pondering between doing explanation and how-to, and finally decide to do explanation on React Patterns as I want to deepen my understandings on them.

Preparing the Content

I’ve learnt the React patterns from Kent C. Dodds materials on Frontend Masters and

Taking his materials as baseline, I decided to focus on two patterns that I think that are the most commonly used:

  • Render props
  • Higher order component

I used mdx-deck to generate the slides for the talk, while preparing a github repo that I would live-code in the talk.

I’ve practiced the live-coding for 3 times, and made sure I can complete it within the given timeframes.

Delivering the Talk

There are 2 talks planned in the meetup, and I’m the second speaker.

The first speaker talked about how to use next.js for server-side rendering.

The delivering talk part is actually like anti-climax, as I was just going through what I’ve practice.

Thanks to engaged audience, delivering the talk feel satisfying to me when I see their eyes when they understand the React Patterns that I tried to bring across.


The deck that I presented in the talk is hosted at this Netify link

The code that I live-code in the talk is at this Github repo

Thanks for reading!

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