May 2, 2020

How to Keep Creating

You have something to say.

Not because you want to be famous.

It’s just something that you can’t find online, something that you wish someone has written so you can read/watch it.

So, you decide to be a creator.

Putting your little voice out there.


But someone else already say something almost like that.

Somebody else that is smarter, more famous, and more handsome already written that.

So, you tell yourself, perhaps don’t waste your time.

“Build it, and they will come”. But what if they don’t?

Nobody want to read your sh*t.

So you dismiss yourself.

Continue scrolling your News Feed, clicking the next Instagram Story.


Or you stop worrying and just go create it.

Don’t create for “them”. The faceless “them”, may not come.

But that’s always one person. The one friend, your mum, your sister.

The one that you know would happy to hear from you, and would benefit from what you say.

Create for her.

Then you can keep creating.

Thanks for reading!

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