A Chapter A Day

Mar 26, 2020

I always believe that learning is supposed to be a struggling process.

If I'm not struggling while I'm learning something, I always feel that I have not learn much.

And I don't think it's just me. I believe most people that are exceptional in what they're doing always seek this struggle.

Deliberate struggle.

But struggle consumes our willpower, that's why most people don't do this.

Like now, I'm learning shell script, which is something that I think I always need to learn, but never spend time on it.

I always started for a while, then give up by saying that I doesn't need it, which obviously, is an excuse.

But I found a trick to insist this time.

A chapter a day.

Yes, it's just a chapter a day.

Because finishing a chapter seems very little, so it's easy to force myself to start..

But a chapter a day is actually a lot if I continue doing it.

By insisting a chapter a day, I can definitely work through a technical book a month.

In few months, I can go from introductory books to advanced topics, makes me more knowledgeable in a topic than I always wish to be.

Let's see how far this trick will brings me to.